Make it Rain

What’s the secret sauce? There’s plenty of ingredients. We believe in partnering with our clients to help navigate the ever-evolving world of advertising. We’ve been in business since 1995, so we’ve learned a thing or two. There’s a reason we’re still here making it happen for our clients. We invest in research. We evaluate your market. We shop your competition. We provide a solid advertising campaign. We test and retest. Add in some cutting edge creative and focus on your business goals and we have Results and ROI.

Stimulating Creative
We bring your brand and vehicle offers to life with engaging creative that cuts through the clutter. Our goal is to have your brand be recognizable and stand out with eye-catching creative. It is also important to pair it with the right message. Because we have been immersed in the auto industry for years, our clients actually come to us for the pricing strategies. We know how to run leases, interpret your incentives and often prepare a game plan strategy for our dealers.

How do we do it? We know automotive.
For us to be able to push out offers as soon as your monthly incentives are published, we have to have a pulse on the automotive world. Not only are we immersed in that space, we also keep abreast on what your competition is doing in the market. We don’t just track what they are selling overall but what is being sold in each zip code. This enables us to be very strategic in our advertising and push out advertising that speaks to the demographic in each zip code vs. advertising a specific vehicle across the board.

We reach the right consumers.
We not only target the right consumers, we actually reach them. Your ads are positioned where they will be the most effective. We are experts in the management of SEM, SEO and Social Media Engagement. We also know your CRM system and will create and send out creative eblasts to target your offers to your customers in sales and service. We mine your data to look for opportunities within the dealership as well as outside of the dealership. We know how to advertise vehicles in your market and we maximize your advertising dollars to increase sales and ROI for your car dealership.