Why your dealership should use Excel

Great communication is a great reason.

While the staff in our agency may be smaller than the big box agencies, we provide a more customized experience. Sound familiar? We provide the dynamic and full service automotive marketing solutions that are both cost-effective and innovative.

From data studies and zip driven reporting to conceptualizing branding marketing materials, we complete our due diligence before making advertising recommendations to our clients. We are the perfect choice for dealerships that don’t want to compromise. We are qualified, seasoned professionals. In fact, our agency has been in business since 1995 and we have still retained the service of our first client!

We get to know our clients and their dealerships. We want to know about your investment in the community. Grassroots marketing is very important and we work to capitalize on it for you. The pay-off reaps benefits. Not only do we get to know you better, it helps us formulate a long-term strategy that emphasizes a strong agency-client relationship. And, provides your dealership with more individualized branding and marketing opportunities. 


Why Boutique is the Best

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1. Accessibility

Too often, agencies lose touch with the brand and the client. When you utilize the services of Excel Advertising for your automotive advertising needs, you’ll employ the services of an agency that is focused on your individual needs and branding with personal attention and detail. Our commitment is deep and our skills are focused. You’ll have confidence that the entire team is focused on your dealership and success. Our specialized, skilled focus allows our team to operate at an elite level and never lose sight of our client’s goals.

2. Adaptability

It is such a pleasure to be nimble and respond quickly to new technologies and innovations. We’re eager to innovate and try new things and have even created proprietary technologies of our own. 

3. Client Support

Our standard business model is to cross train our employees on a variety of platforms so when you make a request, multiple staff have the ability to fulfill it for you. And because your car dealership is an integral part of our day to day business, our calls are always answered by personnel who is knowledgeable about your account and will be able to answer your questions or assist you. With large agencies you’ll lower the chance any particular person you’re talking to will be able to answer your specific question. While we do employ account managers to oversee the structure of your advertising and marketing needs, support staff is also invested in your account and your success. By employing this technique, we remain immersed and invested in your day-to-day work flow. We remain focused, attentive and proactive. There are never any barriers and with one phone call, you can have confidence that we will have the diligence and follow through to attend to your needs. We don’t employ Account Executive gatekeepers. We employ cross-trained individuals that have a bullseye on your success. Our focused team will know everything there is to know about your advertising campaigns. 

When you work with a boutique automotive advertising agency, you deal with multiple members of our team that are vested in your success. You may interact with the owner, project coordinator and members of the creative team. This benefit both the client and the agency. We enjoy having our staff get to know you and your car dealership better so they are immersed in your goals and your business. We focus on developing advertising campaigns with a highly personalized customer experience. We always strive to improve our project efficiency and client satisfaction.

4. Accounts & Accountability Matter

We prefer to partner with automotive dealerships that share the same values and practices that we do. Customer centric customer service. It’s paramount in our business. Every account matters to us and we let you know it. We continue to test and retest products and offer innovative solutions. We constantly invest in training for our staff and enhance our technologies – even inventing some of our own technology along the way. Each account matters more to a boutique firm. We treat our car dealership clients as individuals with individual needs to whom we offer individual solutions. 

We gauge our success by the success of our clients.

5. Excellence

There’s a reason why Excel is the name of our automotive advertising agency. We’re driven to excel in advertising and provide advertising excellence. We rely heavily on each member of our team. There aren’t layers upon layers of staff or a bureaucracy. We’re nimble and high performing. You won’t find mediocrity. Contributions come from our entire team from the initiation and placement of advertising to marketing and strategy sessions and finally execution.

Our internal tracking system allows for your advertising to be streamlined across multiple platforms and once campaigns are initiated, they are pushed out consistently throughout your media. Since everyone in our agency is integrated, the chances for miscommunication is minimized. Everyone is familiar with your account and your account needs. Our team is efficient and is often complimented by being an extension of your own business. We’re that integrated. 

6. Advertising Fees

One thing we pride ourselves on is the ability to assess your advertising spend and make recommendations to eliminate duplication in your advertising – particularly with third parties. We try to eliminate what is unnecessary and pass those savings on to you. We also offer custom advertising plans that are suited to your dealership’s needs. All of our flat rate fees are turn key. From automotive advertising and marketing strategies to auto enhancements, third party placement and management and full digital and traditional advertising. We are competitively priced in the market since we are not chasing volume. 

7. Transparency

We provide full access to all technologies and love when we get to educate our clients so they understand advertising better. We want you to understand our recommendations and we want you to be comfortable when you are talking to others about your advertising results. By being well versed, you’ll look better. When you look better, we look better. But the proof is in the results. We track and test and retest and then do it all over again. We teach you the importance of Google Analytics and will introduce you to the Google Data Studio dashboard. We will compliment that with knowledge of other applicable third party dashboards that will enhance your ability to understand the technology that may assist you in realizing market demand and market segments. 

8. Communication

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. Great communication is essential to the strategic marketing success of our advertising partnership. We want an open communication channel that is uninhibited so you can express your goals and opinions. We take the time to address and follow up with you and your vendors to make sure our team provides the best experience and the confidence you need to have in your automotive advertising agency.