Why Size Matters

Size, specialization and success are all considerations when looking for an automotive advertising agency for your dealership. Size does matter but maybe not the way you think it does. 

If you hire a large agency, consider how many people will be assigned to your account. Probably just as many as would be assigned with a smaller boutique agency. Large agencies are driven by volume of clients (kind of a turn and burn mentality), a small boutique firm like Excel Advertising, is driven by retention with a focus on you and your dealership.

Hard—Hitting Messages for Maximum Impact

Your advertising works as a cohesive unit across all platforms: digital, electronic, traditional and in house. It might look like a sale online but does it look like there is a sale in your dealership? Your future customer has more options than ever when searching for a vehicle. And the right strategy is more important than ever. While every mix of advertising is not the same for each of our clients, some of our core is. And one of them is to employ a strong SEO strategy. We are employed to build your brand online. Excel Advertising is the automotive advertising agency to employ for the personalized service it takes to make your dealership stand apart from the competition. Our creative content is distinctive and engaging and attracts customers to your website and dealership. Our cohesive advertising designs create impact and Excel Advertising is a powerful partner for your automotive dealership. We use traditional, digital and social channels to promote the distinct brand and offers for your auto dealership. We work to target your dealership with precision. And then test, retest and provide reporting and insights that are unique to your dealership.